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A severance agreement, once signed, is a binding legal document between employers and departing employees. For this reason alone, it is important to review any proposed severance package carefully and in consultation with an experienced employment lawyer. More importantly, however, many agreements contain clauses that prohibit employees from taking future legal action against an employer for alleged misconduct in the past, which may have led to the decision to leave in the first place.

Therefore, before you sign a severance agreement, contact me, Houston severance agreements attorney Peter Costea. I advise employees in the metro area, the state of Texas as well as in international business operations on all aspects of severance agreement review and negotiation. With more than 25 years of practical experience in employment law, I work to ensure your rights and interests are protected both now and for the future.

Noncompetition Agreements

Most severance agreements contain certain provisions that the employee will agree to abide by. One example would be a noncompetition agreement, which could prevent an employee from seeking employment at the company’s competitors or engaging in similar work that would put the employee in competition with the employer. If not carefully reviewed or negotiated, signing a noncompetition agreement could effectively end one’s career.

Restrictive Covenants

Another provision often contained within a severance agreement is a restrictive covenant or “release of claims.” In signing such a covenant, the employee agrees not to bring legal action against the employer in the future. If you were wrongfully terminated or left under pressure from a hostile work environment, harassment or discrimination, this agreement prevents you from making an employment claim.

Negotiating Fair Employment Contracts: Contact Attorney Peter Costea

These are just some of the issues that can arise regarding severance agreements. I provide reasonable rates for the review of severance agreements. If desired, I can also represent clients’ interests in negotiating more favorable terms with the employer.

For more information, contact the Law Office of Peter Costea by calling 713-337-4304 to schedule a consultation. I also advise small-business clients with regards to drafting and negotiation of fair severance agreements.

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