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Protecting Clients’ Right To Employment

Employers are required to hire potential employees based on their individual merits instead of defining personal characteristics such as race, sex, disability, religion or national origin. Similarly, both state and federal employment laws prohibit employers from firing employees based on these characteristics or for reporting valid grievances through the proper channels.

When employees suffer wrongful or unfair retaliation in the form of employment termination, they may feel powerless to protect their rights. At the Law Office of Peter Costea, I, Houston employment lawyer Peter Costea, advocate for employees who have experienced unlawful termination throughout East Texas, as well as employees working internationally. I seek to empower my clients by exploring all of their legal options to hold employers accountable.

Strategic, Experienced Representation Against Unlawful Employment Termination

Pursuing a claim for wrongful termination can quickly become complex. Employees must often be able to demonstrate that the company’s actions were in deliberate response to previous actions they had taken, such as:

  • Requesting accommodation for a disability or medical need
  • Filing for workers’ compensation following a work-related accident or injury
  • Reporting suspected fraudulent conduct, which is protected under specific legislation
  • Seeking to address issues of discrimination or harassment in the workplace
  • Refusing to perform illegal acts, as in the well-publicized Sabine Pilot case

As an experienced Houston wrongful termination claims attorney, I help my clients understand their rights in making an unfair termination claim. I provide practical advice backed by more than 25 years of trial experience in employment matters. I seek to develop effective strategies to help my clients achieve the best possible result, whether that is being reinstated into their jobs or recovering financial damages.

In November 2007, I tried a race discrimination case on behalf of an African-American gentleman against Baker Hughes. My client, Mr. Williams, alleged the company fired him from his position as a machinist because of his race. The jury agreed and awarded him nearly $150,000 in lost wages and $300,000 in compensatory damages. Unfortunately, discrimination happens. You need an experienced attorney who can read the footprints and evidence that can lead to a positive jury verdict for discrimination.

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