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The federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) maintains the standard that all employees be given equal treatment and opportunity regardless of race, pregnancy, age, sex, disability, religion or national origin. Employers who discriminate based on these factors or allow discrimination to occur can be held legally accountable.

I am Houston workplace discrimination attorney Peter Costea. If you have been the victim of discrimination in the workplace based on your race, your age, a disability you have, your sex, pregnancy, your religious beliefs or practices, or your country of origin, I will help you take action to protect your employment rights. I represent employees in various industries throughout Harris County and the surrounding areas of Texas, as well as those working internationally for American companies.

Protection From Workplace Discrimination

Discrimination includes more than hiring or refusing to hire a certain individual based on his or her personal aspects. Discrimination can also include:

  • Unfair denial of promotion
  • Unfair treatment or harassment in the workplace
  • Being denied time off for religious observances
  • Failure to provide accommodation for a disability
  • Unjustly receiving a poor job performance review

No one deserves discrimination based on his or her personal characteristics or practices. I defend clients’ rights with respect to the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA claims), Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA claims) and other statutes. As an experienced trial lawyer, I am always prepared to take your claim as far as necessary to attain justice.

In a landmark age discrimination case I handled in the late 1990s, Quantum Chemicals v. Toennies, the verdict was appealed all the way to the Texas Supreme Court. The Court sided with the arguments I had made in trial court that the level of proof needed to win an employment discrimination case should be lower than what the company had argued. Since the Court’s decision was made in 2001, the case has remained a standard for the amount of evidence needed to prove employment discrimination under Texas law, and it is frequently cited. The case is published 47 SW3d 473 (2001).

I also assist clients who have been subject to reverse discrimination based on seniority or a particular ethnicity or gender an employer wishes to hire, promote or advance in the workplace.

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My goal is to protect your right to fair employment opportunities. For more information, contact the Law Office of Peter Costea at 713-337-4304 today to schedule a consultation. All client correspondence and consultations are kept strictly confidential.

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