International Employment Representation

Houston Employment Lawyer Representing Americans Working Abroad

Over the years, I have represented a fairly large number of U.S. citizens working abroad as well as foreign citizens working in the United States. Most of these employees have worked for U.S. companies in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, the Balkans, Africa and the Middle East in connection with U.S. military operations in these countries.

These cases tend to be complicated and require attentiveness and experience. Oftentimes, they involve an interplay between U.S. federal laws and international laws, or the laws of the host country. Occasionally, U.S. employees working abroad are also covered by the labor laws of the host state, and an experienced attorney should be consulted to shepherd you through this maze of often overlapping legislation. Particular attention must also be paid to jurisdictional issues to ensure that the most advantageous forum is found for the employee.

Representation Of Embassy And Foreign Consulate Employees

Occasionally, U.S. citizens working for foreign embassies and consulates are also violated in their rights, particularly wages. If that is the case, ensure you consult with attorneys experienced in this area as well. Most U.S. labor laws do not apply to employment of U.S. persons by foreign embassies or consulates — specially drawn federal legislation does. Houston is home to many foreign consulates and I once sued the State of Qatar on behalf of an employee whose wages had not been paid in full.

Representation Of European Union Employees

Occasionally I have represented European Union citizens working in Texas as well. They, too, need to be aware of their rights and the interplay between the labor laws of their home countries and those of the State of Texas or federal US labor laws.

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