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The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a federal law that protects an employee’s job should he or she need time off to recover from a medical situation or to take care of certain family-related concerns. Occasionally, however, clients return to work only to find their job has been given to someone else or they have been moved to another position altogether, often one with less pay.

If you require assistance in making an employment claim following FMLA leave, you can contact me, Houston FMLA claims attorney Peter Costea. I have defended employees’ rights since 1993. From my office in Houston, I represent clients in a variety of industries across the metro area, Harris County and surrounding region of East Texas.

Qualifying For FMLA Leave

Determining whether a life event qualifies for FMLA job protection can be complicated. Typical situations that may qualify include:

  • A medical event requiring immediate time off
  • A prolonged illness or injury that is not covered by your employee benefits or workers’ compensation
  • Taking care of a family member with a serious health condition
  • The birth or adoption of a child
  • If a family member of the National Guard or Army Reserves is notified of impending deployment or call to active duty

In general, employees are entitled to 12 weeks of FMLA leave within a 12-month period, though the time limits may vary depending on the nature of your request, as in the case of military service member FMLA leave. I provide insightful advice tailored to your circumstances in order to help you determine whether your situation is covered by FMLA.

Skilled Attorney For Challenging Family And Medical Leave Act Violations

Some employers, unfortunately, do not administer FMLA requests properly, leading to claims of wrongful retaliation, discrimination or termination. If you experienced adverse action from your employer after making a request for FMLA or upon returning to work, I will aggressively advocate on your behalf. As an experienced trial lawyer, I am fully prepared to take your claim as far as necessary to achieve results. Whether that includes restoring you to your former position or making a claim for the difference in your compensation, I will explore all your legal options to make things right.

Contact the Law Office of Peter Costea at 713-337-4304 to protect your rights under FMLA and other employment legislation. My goal is to help you protect your job security.

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