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Most people prefer to believe that sexual harassment does not occur in the workplace. The unfortunate truth is that it is far too common. Furthermore, sexual harassment is not limited to women — both men and women can become victims of sexual harassment and other forms of harassment in the workplace.

Many individuals who are victims of sexual harassment feel powerless to address these wrongs. I, Houston sexual harassment claims attorney Peter Costea, seek to even the playing field when it comes to addressing sexual harassment and other harassment in the workplace. I represent clients across various industries throughout Texas and internationally.

Protecting Clients’ Rights Against Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

Conduct that may constitute sexual harassment can range from making lewd comments to instigating unwelcome sexual advances toward another individual. Occasionally, reporting an incident of sexual harassment can result in unfair retaliation, especially if the employee is reporting harassment conducted by a direct superior or executive of the company.

Sexual harassment in the workplace is not tolerated in any form under the law. As your lawyer, I will protect your rights and dignity in reporting sexual harassment in the workplace. I am fully prepared to take your case to trial to attain justice for you.

In one of my reported cases, Pamela Jones v. Kellogg Brown & Root, I defended my client in a sexual harassment claim arising out of events occurring in Iraq and Kuwait. The case was arbitrated in 2007, and was featured along with similar cases in a New York Times article, “Limbo for US Women Reporting Iraq Assaults,” by James Risen on Feb. 13, 2008.

Other Forms Of Workplace Harassment

While sexual harassment is one of the most common types of harassment claims, other forms of workplace harassment can occur such as enduring ethnic slurs or racially insensitive comments or bullying at work. I will help you take the appropriate legal action to address workplace harassment or issues contributing to a hostile work environment, protecting your rights and interests throughout the entire process.

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I aggressively protect your right to work in an environment free of harassment and discrimination. Contact the Law Office of Peter Costea at 713-337-4304 to schedule a consultation. I offer competitive pricing and some cases may be eligible for contingency fee representation.

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