Houston Whistleblowers’ Rights Lawyer

Experienced Trial Attorney To Protect Your Employment Rights

Whistleblowers' laws protect the employment rights of employees who report suspected or confirmed fraudulent activity on the part of their employers or company executives. In many circumstances, however, whistleblowing employees experienced adverse action in the form of unlawful retaliation or termination for their efforts.

If you or someone you know was fired for reporting company violations, you may be able to take legal action to protect your workplace rights. I, Houston whistleblowers' rights attorney Peter Costea, can help you. As an experienced employment trial lawyer, I have tried nearly 100 employment cases to verdict, and I will aggressively protect your whistleblowers' rights.

Aggressively Protecting Clients' Whistleblowers' Rights

Legally known as qui tam actions, whistleblower claims allow an individual to take legal action on behalf of the government against entities suspected of engaging in illegal activity or defrauding the government. Under relevant state and federal qui tam legislation, employees are protected from adverse actions taken by their employers for reporting illegal activity.

Far too often, however, those who report other co-workers, their boss, or company executives to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or the media experience various forms of workplace retaliation, up to and including wrongful termination.

The investigation and prosecution of claims raised by whistleblowers often take time and quickly become legally complex. I advocate on my clients' rights throughout the entire process, including taking claims to court or on appeal where necessary.

Experienced Texas Whistleblower Act Attorney

My experience includes representation of public employees. Under the Whistleblower Protection Act, public employees who work for federal agencies are protected from adverse personnel actions. If you work for the federal government in any capacity, I can help you navigate the detailed issues that may arise in your whistleblower claim.

Compensation From Whistleblowers' Claims

Under the Dodd-Frank Act, the False Claims Act and other legislation, whistleblowers may be awarded a fraction of any compensation or damages obtained by the government through a qui tam action. I can help you determine whether this legislation may apply given the unique circumstances of your case, and advocate on your behalf.

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