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Protecting Clients' Rights Against Disability Discrimination

The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), along with other state and federal legislation, outlines various standards that all employers must follow to accommodate employees with disabilities. However, these standards can be misapplied or overlooked completely, leaving those with an actual medical need for workplace accommodation at a professional disadvantage.

If you or someone you know is struggling with disability discrimination in the workplace, I, Houston ADA claims attorney Peter Costea, can help you protect your rights under the ADA and related disability protection laws. Having handled employment matters since 1993, I provide practical advice backed by significant trial experience to help you protect your workplace rights.

Experienced Advocacy Against Workplace Disability Discrimination

While some employers are simply inexperienced with regards to the proper application of workplace accommodation under the ADA, others may instead take adverse action against an individual who requests accommodation for a disability. Such workplace retaliation may include giving the individual poor performance review, failing to promote him or her, failing to grant raise or even engaging in unlawful termination of the employee's contract.

As an experienced Texas employment lawyer, I can help you take legal action to address disability discrimination in the workplace. I will protect your rights under the ADA and other related legislation. I have defended clients' rights in workplace discrimination claims against many different types of corporations, big and small.

In a case I tried in the Houston federal court in 2005, Debbie Prest v. Jack in the Box, I argued on behalf of Ms. Prest, who had unsuccessfully sought accommodation for a disability that prevented her from physically handling certain aspects of her job. The jury awarded Ms. Prest damages after determining that her physical limitations did in fact constitute a disability and that she was fired from Jack in the Box for making a request for accommodation.

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